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  • C2

    1. … your help, we … completed the task.


    2. My previous boss was simply horrible, he … find an excuse to make my work unbearable!


    3. … than thrilled with our product, we will refund your money instantly.


    4. … translated into English, it might … even more successful.


    5. If only Adam and Eve … from the Garden of Eden! We wouldn’t have to go to work now.


    6. She still talks to her children as though they … little kids. (We know they are 18 now)


    7. You ought to finish your studies!


    8. Wasn’t the concert amazing?


    9. When he … that he … have to move to London, he … his plans.


    10. My office is a stone’s throw from my home. It is just a … walk.


    11. If you want to study there, you will have to … 10 thousand dollars a year for tuition.


    12. It is … you to make such remarks inappropriate remarks.


    13. After a terrible injury, he had no choice but to … the European Championship.


    14. If she doesn’t change her lifestyle, all the daily stress will … her health.


    15. Sorry, I’m feeling under the weather today so that’s why I am a little slow … .


    16. To my mind, his alibi doesn’t … .


    17. We have a new trainee in our office now. He is so … the ears.


    18. … , I still think that he was the best candidate for the job.


    19. The only … is the lack of punctuality. She always keeps everyone waiting.


    20. As a … child, he could speak three foreign languages at the age of twelve.


    21. After an election defeat, the party leader had to face a … of critical feedback.


    22. They had absolutely no say in that matter, they were simply presented with a … .


    23. He grew up in London but ended up living in the Big Apple purely by … .


    24. The judge passed a harsh sentence as he concluded that there were no … in her case.


    25. Being a snob, he never does the shopping in cheap supermarkets, he doesn’t want to mix with … .


    26. What happened before the Big Bang still remains a … because of the complexity of the issue.


    27. He is such a boor, I can’t stand his coarse language and … behaviour.


    28. John seems to be rather … about tying the knot. I guess he isn’t ready yet.


    29. The question of pay rise still remains the main … between the employer and the staff.


    30. I’d rather not to go that shop. To my liking, the volume of … is several notches too high.