The beginnings of  E-tutoring company date back to 2007 when our online language school was taking its first steps in teaching foreign languages via Skype. Together with the domain we had gained a lot of experience as online English / German language teachers and in 2008 our company took on its present-day name. Over the years we have conducted courses for hundreds of individuals and employees. We always do our best to  help them achieve language competence necessary for English and German certificates, Cambridge ESOL and Goethe Institut respectively

Successes of our students proven by their language certificates are the source of our greatest satisfaction. At the same time they also prove that the way teach English and German brings positive results. We offer our students an opportunity to learn the languages with the help of their computers and Skype. If that is impossible, we offer another solution, learning via a VOIP phone. For those companies which want to use our services, we can offer specialist language trainings prepared for a given professional profile. We guarantee that every student will receive a learning program tailored to  meet  their needs and expectations. Our courses can  range from those based on conversational skills or general English courses with emphasis on communicative skills as well as specialist and exam-preparation courses.

Learning at E-tutoring is a guarantee of high quality, effectiveness and professionalism. Our offer includes modern teaching methods with the use of interactive materials like the virtual board and the media player which can be used by a teacher and students in real time. Thanks to that English and German via Skype at our school will be attractive for every student irrespective of their level of language competence at the start of their course.

Why is it worth choosing E-tutoring?

We are one of the language schools with the longest experience in teaching via Internet in Poland. Our speciality is English and German via Skype and a VOIP phone. Our teachers with years of experience, the flexibility of our offer to meet the needs of our individual and corporate customers and modern teaching methods using interactive materials , all of these are our main assets. Thanks to them our students can achieve impressive results.
Experienced teaching stuff
Since 2007 we have been offering language courses on every level of competence with a great emphasis on developing speaking skills in a chosen language. Our students can choose English or German via Skype with any number of lessons with a teacher. We pride ourselves on the high passing rate of our students in Cambridge ESOL and Goethe Institut exams. Language certificates received by them confirm their language competence which they acquire during our courses.

Modern teaching methodology

English and German courses vis Skype are conducted in real time with the use of a microphone, headphones and a webcamera. All these tools provide a visual and sound contact with a teacher. For those who have no possibility to install Skype on their company computer we can offer lessons with the help of VOIP technology.  Choosing a convenient schedule of lessons is up to our students. Then, at a chosen time,  they log into the virtual classroom and using Skype they can enjoy a lesson with a teacher. We put an interactive board, which is visible on the screen, at our students’ disposal. The board is used to show presentations, pictures and, of course, you can write on it too. Another modern tool is a multimedia player. Thanks to it, a teacher can play different video and audio files.

Flexible schedule

First of all, online language learning means convenience and time saving. These advantages are greatly valued by company employees as well as individual students. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet  in order to enter the virtual classroom via our website You choose at what time you want your lesson! Interactive equipment significantly facilitates language learning and makes it a good fun.
Student-friendly atmosphere
Our experience in online teaching , the highest quality of our courses always customized for a given professional group and the application of modern multimedia technologies , these are our assets which have been appreciated by many people as well as companies.