One of the main problems of the classic forms of teaching is the necessity of meeting teachers and students at the same time in the same place. Getting to the classroom may often take more time than a planned lesson. However, in this day and age, time has become a scarce commodity, especially the time we have for our personal matters. Many a time have we had a situation when students cancelled a scheduled lesson only because their bus was late or unexpectedly, they had to stay overtime at work. Making up for a lost lesson may be difficult especially when your course is intensive.


Correspondence courses, which allow students to manage their learning time, have been a long-known alternative to direct teaching and they are a good method but only for highly motivated and strong-willed people. Lack of a teacher’s supervision is the reason why only a handful of students can finish their correspondence course, either via mail or e-mail.


Online lessons with the use of communication tools like Skype are a very useful way to improve learning efficiency compared with either correspondence courses or classroom learning. There are a few factors affecting good results of this type of learning.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and experience. Work on your English at your convenient time and in your favourite armchair. Let us convince you that English or German via Skype is not like an ordinary language school but it is a convenient as well as effective way of learning foreign languages without leaving your home, with a direct contact with your teacher, face to face or in a group with other students.