For companies

We organize and conduct Internet trainings and language courses for companies and institutions. Our many years of experience in e-learning allows us to properly adjust courses’ level and intensiveness to our students’ language skills and expectations. Our virtual classroom can accommodate any number of learners connected via Skype or a VOIP phone. Classes can be conducted in groups or individually.

We offer English, Polish and German courses, all of which meet the requirements of the best known certifying institutions, Cambridge ESOL for English and Goethe Institut for German. On a regular basis, we evaluate learning results of all our students, which is a basis of progress reports for students and their employers.

The time which employees devote to language learning is held in our highest regard. Preparing our courses for companies  we fully realize that time cannot be wasted from the perspective of employers. With that in mind, we arrange schedules to prevent classes from interfering with the daily course of work in companies. For this reason, we try to use every minute of the lesson to the maximum. Effective motivating of our students for regular work is also kept high on our priority list.

We invite you to send us your offer inquiries – for every company and institutions we prepare an individual offer of cooperation based on a course type, its level and intensiveness and the number of learners.
After we receive your application:
The first online meeting will be arranged (so called technical meeting).
Presentation of LMS system and the virtual classroom (about 30 minutes).
Setting the time of a trial lesson.
A lesson with a teacher (50 minutes).  
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Offer for individual students

We conduct English and German courses via Skype for people of all ages and on different levels of language competence.  Our lessons take place in the virtual classroom which can be accessed vis Skype. Every learner has a direct contact with a teacher throughout the whole lesson.

Classes can be prepared for one person as well as for a group. In the latter case, students enter the virtual classroom from their own computer and they can see only the teacher and the interactive board.

We offer preparatory courses for Cambridge ESOL (English) and Goethe Institut exams (German).
Each course is preceded by an initial analysis of our students’ needs and the procedure looks as follows:

student fills out an online application form
we send an invitation to a technical meeting in order to make contact via Skype
we make a presentation of our learning system and the virtual classroom
together we set the time of a trial lesson
we conduct a trial lesson  FOR FREE! (50 minutes)
we prepare a course offer suitable for a student’s needs

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