Test B2


1. Oh no, not again! You … the same mistake!


2. He … to do any sports but now he … to jogging and swimming 4 times a week.


3. My granddad was such a great man. He … teach me something interesting about the world.


4. Don’t call him at 8:00 o’clock in the morning. He … in the pool.


5. By the time you come back from work, I … a tasty dinner.


6. By the end of January, she … here for 2 years.


7. By the time the power outage was over, the ice cream in my fridge … .


8. They … playing tennis for about 15 minutes before it … to rain.


9. I knew he … running because his dirty running shoes … on the floor in the hall.


10. I … around the world for 20 years but it is the first time I … to this country.


11. I wasn’t at the cinema yesterday. You must … someone else.


12. Her mobile phone is broken so she couldn’t … you.


13. There are no clouds in the sky today. You needn’t … your umbrella.


14. I would be grateful if you could … your strange behaviour yesterday earlier today.


15. Peter is such a resourceful person, he always comes … good ideas.


16. „I have been working as a journalist for 10 years.”


17. „I will be driving to Warsaw tomorrow at 8:00 A.M.”


18. „I have never tasted sushi in my life.”


19. Unfortunately, we can’t visit this museum because it … renovated now.


20. So far, this new blockbuster … by over 20 million cinema goers all over the world.


21. I had to take a tram to my work yesterday because my car …. repaired.


22. The person, … you met at my birthday party yesterday, was a good old friend of mine.


23. People, … have a healthy lifestyle, live longer, on average.


24. My neighbour, … children study abroad, went to visit his son in London yesterday.


25. I don’t speak German so I didn’t help my son with his homework.


26. John didn’t study for his test and he has to retake it now.


27. I forgot to take a map and we are lost now.


28. I am of average height. I wish … taller


29. I didn’t go to the cinema with my friends yesterday. I wish I … with them.


30. He never buys me flowers. I wish he …. me even one from time to time.


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