Test C1


1. The majority of people … at least one mobile phone nowadays.


2. According to the latest news bulletin, the police … for a dangerous prisoner on the run.


3. We can’t wait any longer. It’s high time we … the meeting.


4. They trekked … into the jungle, which was … perilous .


5. His parents suggest that he …harder so he can get into a good secondary school.


6. Our dad … travel a lot on business. He … always bring us some presents from his trips.


7. Oh no, another parking ticket! I … go bankrupt this month!


8. The American president … visit Poland next month.


9. It’s good to be behind the wheel again! I … my car … yesterday.


10. I’m terribly sorry for the noise in the background, but I’m … my roof … .


11. I feel under the weather today. I’d rather … to school.


12. You spend too much time in front of your computer. I’d rather you … computer games all day long.


13. Wake up and … ! They have been cheating you behind your back for ages!


14. Before an exam session, many a student tends to burn ….


15. Thanks to my frequent business trips to Berlin, I can … my German.


16. She is such an obstinate person. She will … your pieces of advice.


17. If you consider yourself a law-abiding citizen then you should … all the rules of law.


18. If we … our flight we would … wine in Italy now.


19. You didn’t accept their job offer yesterday. If I … , I … accepted that offer.


20. I wish my neighbours … throw noisy parties so often. They really drive me crazy.


21. Another rainy November day… . I wish I … on the beach now in some tropical country.


22. I feel sick now. If only I … that second portion of ice cream…


23. I’m afraid all the seats … taken by the time we finally … there!


24. … treated unfairly by her employer a few times, she decided to look for a new job.


25. Now I know that the whole situation might … out differently, if I … humbler.


26. She … told them about her ordeal but she … want to burden them with her problems.


27. No sooner … started preparing his presentation than the computer … .


28. Under no circumstances … use any electronic device during a take-off.


29. Little .. know what the future had in store for us.


30. Not only … have a phenomenal voice but also she … dance in a mesmerizing manner.


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