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    Nowadays we live in a reality, where time has become a scarce commodity and our bursting schedules cannot contain all the activities we feel like doing. Such a state of affairs means that we are often forced to make decisions about cancelling some of our plans.

    Learning foreign languages is one of these aspects of life which can fall victim to the need to slim down our schedules. Although we realize the necessity of improving our language skills, we often end up choosing other forms of spending our free time. After all, our time resources are limited and apart from the effective time of learning, we also have to remember about the time spent on arranging meetings with a teacher or commuting to lessons.

    To meet these expectations, we are pleased to present our modern method that allows you to eliminate these time-consuming inconveniences. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a bit of motivation to combine effective learning with your limited time resources. E-tutoring is a unique idea, thanks to which lessons can be conducted using communication tools such as Skype. The end result is that you can have direct contact with your teacher without leaving the comfort of your home while sitting in a comfortable chair.

    This method is a valuable alternative to correspondence courses which, in theory, allow you to manage your time better, but ,as practice shows, the effects of these activities look rather poor. The facts are that the lack of teacher supervision not only makes learners lazy with time, but also has a demotivating effect. Consequently, only a low percentage of extremely determined participants manage to complete their courses, however,  their time and money are often wasted.

    E-tutoring is not only a unique idea, but also a modern solution. Why is it worth contacting us and starting learning together without hesitation? Because what we are talking about here is time, your time. And as a wise Chinese proverb says: the man, who does not put anything off for later, has the most time.

    Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and we are at your disposal and ready to help you!

    Offers for individual learners

    We invite you to our virtual classes. You can participate in them with the use of Skype.  At the start you will be greeted by an experienced teacher who will assist you during the whole lesson. It is of no importance how old you are, what your level of advancement is at the moment. If your intention is to improve you language skills and work on your English or German, then you have come to the right place. 

    Our cooperation will start from verifying your real needs. For this purpose we will conduct an analysis that will tell us how your learning should look like if it is to bring the expected results. You will be asked to fill in an application form on our website and then you will be sent an invitation to a free meeting via Skype.  Our courses are organized in such a way that  lessons can be held for one person or for a larger group. In the latter case, the other students will join you using their own computers  and together you will meet the teacher who will lead your classes.

    The courses we run are organized in such a way that lessons can be held for one person or for a larger group. In the latter case, the other students will join you using their own computers and all of you will meet with the teacher who will lead the classes.

    When the introductory meeting is over, you will make your own decision whether or not you would like to start regular learning. If yes, then we will prepare our course offer for you and together we will set the objective. Side by side, we will work on achieving it. Do you want to learn to communicate freely in a language of your choice? Or perhaps your plan is to obtain a Cambridge ESOL or Goethe Institut certificate? Our experienced teaching staff will help you make these plans come true.

    Place your trust in us and give yourself a chance to start effective learning. Please fill in the application form and see for yourself how beneficial our cooperation can be.

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    Offer for companies

    Group classes of English or German for employees can be an excellent idea for increasing the intellectual capital of your staff and for taking care about the development of every single employee. To meet your expectations, we would like to offer an unique method: on-line trainings and language courses for companies and institutions.

    Our experience in this field, which we have gained over time, means that we can easily adapt the level, subject and intensity of the course to the skills of its participants and to the goals which will be set before them. Regardless of whether we strive to teach the basics of free communication or prepare for Cambridge ESOL or Goethe Institut certificates, the e-learning tool will help to implement these plans consistently.

    Our method allows to gather in the virtual space any number of learners with the use of Skype or a VOIP phone. One of our experienced teachers will take a good care of the appropriate motivation of  the group and will do his/her best to make your language learning effective. We are also aware of how valuable time is for the employer, which is why class schedules will be arranged in such a way as to make the most of every minute of the lesson, without disturbing the standard work rhythm in the company. We fully realize how valuable time is for every employer and therefore lesson schedules will be arranged to make the most of every minute of the lesson without disturbing the standard work patterns in your company.

    If you think that e-learning is worth giving a try and you want to see for yourself how beneficial it can be for your company then please contact us and send an inquiry. We prepare each offer individually depending on, among others, the number of participants, the type of course, its level and intensity. When we receive your application, we will contact you immediately to arrange the first free technical meeting via Skype.

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    Why e-tutoring?

    Experienced teaching staff

    There is a popular saying which states that teachers are the people who are doomed to eternal self-improvement. We fully agree with these words and that is why all our teaching staff place the emphasis on expanding our knowledge as well as our arsenal of teaching methods. We all share the same opinion about it and this is one of the reasons that makes us a great team. Together we formulated a specific goal: to teach effectively and achieve the maximum of planned effects

    We have been constantly working on implementing our objective for over ten years as we started offering our language courses on every level of advancement in 2007. That is why we can be proud of our extensive experience we have gained so far. Although, our group has changed over the years, some things always remain the same, it is our dedication, commitment and willingness to share knowledge. They form the solid foundations on which our daily activity is based.

    Within the ranks of our teaching staff you will meet only qualified specialists who know how to properly steer your course of learning. We place a great emphasis on developing the ability to communicate freely in a chosen language and we never stop our efforts to make our learners satisfied with the quality of our virtual lessons.

    Our offer includes not only learning a foreign language for personal use but  we also have extensive experience in preparing our students for the exams like Cambridge ESOL and Goethe Institut. Graduates of our courses are proud holders of prestigious certificates confirming the skills they acquired during our fruitful cooperation.

    Our teaching staff, with the use of modern teaching methods, will do their best to push your learning in the right direction. We will help you set your objectives and then we will strive to achieve them together. What we can guarantee you is our experience, proven skills, professional support of experts and the willingness to share our knowledge with you.  All you have to do is strike a flame of initial motivation and we will take care of the rest and turn the flame into a real fire!

    We are waiting for you and we invite to study with us!

    Flexible class schedule

    We are living in the world that never stops. We have no choice but to give up some of our plans due to the fact that a day has only 24 hours. It so happens that language learning often suffers from it. Although we are aware of how important it is for us, we are not always ready to find enough time for it in our daily schedule. E-tutoring can be seen seen as an answer to such problems. Our modern method of language learning allows to achieve satisfying results and also guarantees comfortable conditions of learning  and saves your time. Therefore, this solution is effective both in the case of company employees and people who value the benefits it brings.

    We offer the opportunity to take lessons at different times, in the conditions that suit our students. If you want to learn foreign languages at home and sitting in a comfortable armchair, you have come to the right place. You will only need a computer with Internet access to have a virtual meeting with our teacher.

    We encourage you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility which our modern teaching method guarantees.

    Friendly learning atmosphere

    It is widely known that  a friendly atmosphere for learning is a factor which positively affects the achievement of  better results. The committed approach of both parties and the good contact between the teacher and the student create optimal conditions for measurable progress. If you use our e-learning method, you will get a guarantee that our qualified teaching staff will make every effort to help you achieve your goals.

    Experience in e-learning and the highest quality in terms of its content are the foundations on which we build our system of daily work. We consistently use the latest multimedia technology and our style of work is designed so that the courses can be carefully tailored to the participants’ requirements. In this way they will bring the desired results.

    A lot of people and companies have already appreciated our work since we started our operation. Caring for a friendly atmosphere and appropriate learning conditions, we come up with an offer which matches the expectations of the people interested in language courses. We warmly encourage you to contact us and arrange the first meeting with one of our teachers. All you need for that is a computer with access to the Internet .