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Group classes of English or German for employees can be an excellent idea for increasing the intellectual capital of your staff and for taking care about the development of every single employee. To meet your expectations, we would like to offer an unique method: on-line trainings and language courses for companies and institutions.

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Our experience in this field, which we have gained over time, means that we can easily adapt the level, subject and intensity of the course to the skills of its participants and to the goals which will be set before them. Regardless of whether we strive to teach the basics of free communication or prepare for Cambridge ESOL or Goethe Institut certificates, the e-learning tool will help to implement these plans consistently.

Our method allows to gather in the virtual space any number of learners with the use of Skype or a VOIP phone. One of our experienced teachers will take a good care of the appropriate motivation of the group and will do his/her best to make your language learning effective. We are also aware of how valuable time is for the employer, which is why class schedules will be arranged in such a way as to make the most of every minute of the lesson, without disturbing the standard work rhythm in the company. We fully realize how valuable time is for every employer and therefore lesson schedules will be arranged to make the most of every minute of the lesson without disturbing the standard work patterns in your company.

If you think that e-learning is worth giving a try and you want to see for yourself how beneficial it can be for your company then please contact us and send an inquiry. We prepare each offer individually depending on, among others, the number of participants, the type of course, its level and intensity. When we receive your application, we will contact you immediately to arrange the first free technical meeting via Skype.

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