Language courses

Terms of conditions

Regulations on the participation in foreign language courses

  1. The listener specifies the number of hours per month he would like to take.
  2. The student agrees, in consultation with the teacher, the hours and day / days of meetings. These deadlines are binding in the month to which the payment relates.
  3. Changing the day and time of classes within a given month is possible by mutual consent.
  4. Delayed attendees do not reduce the price of the class.
  5.  The cancellation of classes should be notified at least 48 hours before the classes.
  6. If the student did not have the opportunity to attend classes on the set date and canceled the classes early enough (48 hours before the set date) he has the opportunity to do the classes during the calendar month, after that time the classes are forfeited.
  7. Cancellations of classes should be made by phone or (if you cannot contact) by sending a text message.
  8. The student has the right to cancel the course with one month’s notice, terminating the learning agreement in writing with effect at the end of the following month or by email.
  9. Classes, which were not the fault of the School, will be completed at another time agreed with the student.
  10. Each month, the student may cancel at most 1⁄4 of the planned class.
  11. One lesson lasts 50 minutes, unless the classes are extended to make up.

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