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Be it German, English, Chinese, Polish, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian or French, with us you will master any of these languages. If you are not interested in advancing your linguistic skills, we can also help you with maths, biology and chemistry. If you are on a career path to become an architect, we are also here to help you.

Our services are aimed at individual clients as well as companies.



Why e-tutoring?

Kadra e-lerning

Experienced teaching staff

There is a popular saying which states that teachers are the people who are doomed to eternal self-improvement.

Elastyczność zajęć

Flexible class schedule

We are living in the world that never stops. We have no choice but to give up some of our plans due to the fact that a day has only 24 hours.

Przyjazna atmosfera

Friendly learning atmosphere

It is widely known that a friendly atmosphere for learning is a factor which positively affects the achievement of better results.



Klient indywidualny

Individual clients

We run English and German courses via Skype for people of all ages and levels.

Lessons take place in a virtual classroom, where direct contact with the teacher is maintained throughout the course. We organize classes for one person as well as in groups. Get a Cambridge ESOL language certificate for English and a Goethe Institute from German.

Oferta dla firm

Offer for company

Group classes of English or German for employees can be an excellent idea for increasing the intellectual capital of your staff and for taking care about the development of every single employee. To meet your expectations, we would like to offer an unique method: on-line trainings and language courses for companies and institutions.

Our experience in this field, which we have gained over time, means that we can easily adapt the level, subject and intensity of the course to the skills of its participants and to the goals which will be set before them.



Język angielski
English language

English has reached the status of today’s lingua franca. What does it mean for us? It simply means that it is omnipresent in our reality. We come into contact with English everywhere be it at school, at home watching TV or browsing the Internet, at work communicating with customers. Every aspect of our lives is intertwined with the language of Shakespeare to some extent. However, some learners happen to hit the wall of frustration especially when it comes to learning the English grammar. Yes, you may be overwhelmed with an excess of tenses, yes, you may have cringe at the thought of the conditionals, but don’t be all doom and gloom! We are here to help you. With our assistance you learning will become your favourite pastime and we will help you find the way out of the maze of the English grammar. Our teaching staff can offer lessons for single learners or for groups. we are ready to help you learn English for personal use or prepare for a specific goal like a Cambridge ESOL certificate or Matura exams. Let us know what you need and we will take care of the rest!

Język chiński
Chinese language

It’s no secret that China currently has the most powerful economy in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising how popular the learning of the language, which is obligatory on a daily basis in the Middle Kingdom, has become. Having skills in this area significantly facilitates communication with Chinese companies and can be a huge asset in CVs today. We encourage you to start learning with us the most-used language in the world and master this extremely useful skill. Such action will help you equip yourself with a modern and desirable tool on the market that can significantly affect your professional future.

Język niemiecki
German language

The geographical location of Poland and the long border with Germany means that very often – both privately and professionally – we have contact with representatives of this nation. Therefore, fluent German is a tool that can be very helpful on a daily basis. We teach this language, which is extremely popular in Europe, in response to varying degrees of demand. Therefore, our offer includes standard tutoring and basic teaching, but also improvement of free communication or professional preparation for final exams and specialist exams. We are also preparing our students to obtain the Goethe Institut certificate, among others. We warmly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn German and to significantly develop your skills related to this language.

Język polski
Polish language

For us, the Polish language is a natural form of communication in our country. We use it on a daily basis and its presence manifests itself in basically every aspect of life. This language tool can be improved on a variety of levels. Our experienced teachers conduct classes for all kinds of learners, we can prepare you for your eighth-grader and Matura exams or we can offer you the support of Polish philology students. We are perfectly aware of all the difficulties the learning of our mother tongue is riddled with. Therefore, we would like to come up with the offer of our classes for foreigners to help them with their linguistic struggle. Thanks to our suitable skills, we can help you learn the necessary basics and then, with our assistance, you will progress to reach the level of free communication so that you could speak effortlessly in Polish.

Język norweski
Norwegian language

Learning Norwegian has become more and more popular recently. A lot of our countrymen decide to make business trips to Scandinavia, and mastering the ability to communicate in Norwegian significantly facilitates communication in countries such as Sweden and Denmark, where these dialects are relatively similar and have many common parts. The teaching system we present offers lessons at all levels, starting from the absolute basics. Take advantage of our proposal and start learning Norwegian today.

Język hiszpański
Spanish language

Spanish is currently one of the most popular languages in the world. No wonder, in this way we communicate not only with Spaniards, but also with representatives of South America. It is estimated that the number of people who speak this language is currently over half a billion people. Mastering this skill is therefore certainly valuable and can prove very useful in various aspects of our lives. We offer improving the use of Spanish at any level. We will help you master the basics, teach you how to communicate freely, and prepare you for advanced conversations on specialized topics. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer and start a beautiful adventure with the Spanish language with us.

Język włoski
Italian language

Learning Italian in Poland still remains in a sense niche, which in turn makes it can be very valuable. Many people focus on English, Spanish or German, so people who can communicate in Italian are relatively small. We teach this language at all levels. Regardless of whether you want to learn only the basics or master the skill of fluent communication, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced teaching staff will make every effort to ensure that the lessons are effective and that you reach the maximum of the goals you have set for yourself.

Język chiński
French language

Being able to communicate freely in French can prove to be a great asset. France is a country very attached to its language, while reluctant to learn other dialects. Many inhabitants of this country do not attach much importance to learning even English and are convinced that French is enough. This approach means that contacts with representatives of this nation – both personal and business – often encounter a barrier that is difficult to cross. The corollary of this state of affairs is the market demand for people who speak French. During our lessons you will not only learn the basics, but also learn to communicate freely in this language.

Mathematics IB
Mathematics, not without a reason called the queen of sciences, is based, above all else, on reasoning and deduction. In order to achieve success in this field, it is important to comprehend its intricacies and make good use of all the tools Mathematics offers. The primary objective of our teaching staff is to support language learners in this process and provide them with an accessible way to grasp the mathematical complexities. Our qualified experts are here to help you understand and use Mathematics on every level of advancement – starting from standard private lessons, through the international Matura exam, to specialist exams in this field.
Chemistry IB
The e-tutoring system we present is not exclusively designed for learning foreign languages. We have expanded our offer to include chemistry classes. As a qualified specialist in this field, I strongly encourage you to participate in our classes on any level of advancement. My studies at the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering, equipped me with the qualifications (Master of Science, Engineer) necessary to transfer knowledge to pupils and students. Thanks to a high level of English, our classes can be conducted with full use of that language. For the above reasons, we can include in our offer not only typical private lessons in chemistry on various levels but also professional preparatory courses for the international Matura exam in this subject and for specialist technical exams in Polish as well as in English. All you need to do is contact us and we will show you how effective learning chemistry can be.

Biology is one of the sciences which requires from its enthusiasts the necessity of acquiring large amounts of knowledge. Thus, to come to your aid, our experienced teaching staff have prepared an offer. Qualified and recognized experts from this field are willing to share their knowledge with you in an accessible way and they will do their best to make learning biology really effective. Our offer includes expert support on every level of advancement – from standard private lessons for students to professional preparation for the international Matura exam or specialist exams.

She ability to model the space surrounding us and give real shape to subsequent ideas constitutes one of the most inspiring aspects of human life. The online architecture course comes as an ideal solution to all the people who have made a decision to steer their career in this direction. By using our offer you can get all the possible help, thanks to which you will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge necessary to prepare you for your dream studies or you will be able to create a professional and extraordinary portfolio. Our course is also a great source of practical knowledge for children, teenagers and students who express their intention to learn drawing. The fact that the classes are run by a recognized Szczecin painter and watercolourist, who willingly shares all his knowledge, skills and professional experience with the course participants, adds additional value to our course. Many students and graduates of these exceptional classes are already taking their first steps in the world of architecture, working internationally or studying abroad at renowned universities. Feel free to use our offer, let yourself be carried away into the world of drawing and derive satisfaction from our inspiring classes!

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