About me

My name is Marta. Who am I? In the first place I am passionate.

I have consciously chosen a concrete path in my life, and courage and consistency have made me happy to follow it to this day. Thanks to this, I can say with full responsibility what each of us would like to say: I do what I love and I love what I do.

I come from a family created almost exclusively by teachers, so we can safely say that the desire and need to I sucked my knowledge of everyday knowledge along with my mother’s milk. I specialize in chemistry and English myself, and it is the issues related to these two areas that are the subject of my meetings with pupils and students.


I have been devoting myself to this work for 18 years. For over a decade and a half I have been constantly striving to constantly develop and enrich my workshop. I have already helped, among others, in preparing for junior high school tests, high school-leaving exams (also international ones) or specialized technical exams.

Diplomas from the faculties of Chemical Technology and Engineering and English Philology can also confirm my qualifications. Not only do I teach, but I also started to learn two foreign languages: German and Chinese. You already know who I am and what I do. The question remains: why? The answer is simple – it is my source of satisfaction, which makes me feel professionally satisfied. I try to convey knowledge about chemistry and English in a unique way. I want to show how I see these objects myself and encourage pupils to explore them. The truth is that student success is what gives me the most reasons to be happy and especially encourages me to act.

This is all me, Marta. An avid lover of bicycle travels, a fan of original cinema, exceptionally loving contact with other people. Demanding towards others, but above all towards herself. You’ve met me a little bit, now I’m happy to meet you.

I invite you to contact me,
Marta Węglewska

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