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Nowadays we live in a reality, where time has become a scarce commodity and our bursting schedules cannot contain all the activities we feel like doing. Such a state of affairs means that we are often forced to make decisions about cancelling some of our plans.

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Learning foreign languages is one of these aspects of life which can fall victim to the need to slim down our schedules. Although we realize the necessity of improving our language skills, we often end up choosing other forms of spending our free time. After all, our time resources are limited and apart from the effective time of learning, we also have to remember about the time spent on arranging meetings with a teacher or commuting to lessons.

To meet these expectations, we are pleased to present our modern method that allows you to eliminate these time-consuming inconveniences. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a bit of motivation to combine effective learning with your limited time resources. E-tutoring is a unique idea, thanks to which lessons can be conducted using communication tools such as Skype. The end result is that you can have direct contact with your teacher without leaving the comfort of your home while sitting in a comfortable chair.

This method is a valuable alternative to correspondence courses which, in theory, allow you to manage your time better, but ,as practice shows, the effects of these activities look rather poor. The facts are that the lack of teacher supervision not only makes learners lazy with time, but also has a demotivating effect. Consequently, only a low percentage of extremely determined participants manage to complete their courses, however, their time and money are often wasted.

E-tutoring is not only a unique idea, but also a modern solution. Why is it worth contacting us and starting learning together without hesitation? Because what we are talking about here is time, your time. And as a wise Chinese proverb says: the man, who does not put anything off for later, has the most time.

Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and we are at your disposal and ready to help you!



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Individual clients

We run English and German courses via Skype for people of all ages and levels.

Lessons take place in a virtual classroom, where direct contact with the teacher is maintained throughout the course. We organize classes for one person as well as in groups. Get a Cambridge ESOL language certificate for English and a Goethe Institute from German.

Oferta dla firm

Offer for company

Group classes of English or German for employees can be an excellent idea for increasing the intellectual capital of your staff and for taking care about the development of every single employee. To meet your expectations, we would like to offer an unique method: on-line trainings and language courses for companies and institutions.

Our experience in this field, which we have gained over time, means that we can easily adapt the level, subject and intensity of the course to the skills of its participants and to the goals which will be set before them.

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